• Many people do not know that the Federal Reserve is a private company and not a government agency.
  • In fact, the Fed is not part of the government in any way.
  • We believe that abolishing the Fed needs to be our number 1 national priority.
  • We intend to beat the Fed in court similar to the way the Big Tobacco companies were defeated.
  • Nearly all of the country’s economic problems will be solved when the Fed is abolished.

Our Mission Statement
Our Mission is to lead, organize, fund and manage an ongoing series of class action lawsuits directed against the Federal Reserve System (“FRS”), a PRIVATELY OWNED, FOR-PROFIT central bank, and its Officers, Directors, Owners, Agents, and Primary Member Banks and all Controlling Persons in those organizations who have damaged America's economy and its citizens through the perpetration and promotion of the fatally flawed banking and monetary system in the United States.

Our Objectives
To: a) obtain revocation of the Federal Reserve’s charter; b) recover all paid in interest and other monies due for all living US Persons, companies and governmental bodies which were inappropriately obtained by the FRS; c) eliminate all Federal, State and Municipal Debts to the FRS, and d) obtain punitive damages for the payment of: 1) court costs and attorneys fees; 2) contingency fees for network litigators, and 3) pro rata distributions of the proceeds to the American Citizenry based on their loan history for the total years as are allowed by statute.

NOTE: PatriotStorm expressly disclaims any ownership of any monetary or other awards that may result from the litigation beyond the actual costs of the litigation. Any and all such awards of monies, assets or other relief shall be sought exclusively in the name of the American People.